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Using solar panels to power your home

...we knew we could trust you and leave the house unattended if we had to go out.
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Solar PV is the SMART way to power your home, and save money.

SMART SOLAR PV blows away the clouds of confusion to let easy, effective and money-wise power from solar panels into your home.

We believe in the power of the sun! It is natural, effective and reliable power for your home or workplace every day.

Photovoltaic cells (that’s the PV in Solar PV panels) simply convert natural sunlight into electricity and SMART solar panel installations assure you have constant, clean power all year round.

Once installed, the electricity you generate costs you nothing and you will even get an income from FIT (the Feed-in Tariff) as your excess, unused electricity is bought by the national grid.

So welcome to our website – here you find what you need to know to make a SMART decision and if you have any questions at all then please just call us. It’s our favourite subject to chat about!


Solar In The News 

Government decision legally flawed

What does this mean for Feed-in Tariffs?

The Government has already laid before Parliament modifications to the draft licence conditions of the electricity suppliers to implement a 21p / kWh tariff for <4kW PV systems, taking effect from 3rd March 2012.

If there is no further legal challenge to the changes taking effect from 3rd March, these will apply from that date. We understand that this could change in only two scenarios:

  1. If the Supreme Court both agrees to hear the Government's case, and overturns the Appeal Court and High Court rulings, then the Government would be able to apply the 12th December reference date.
  2. If a new legal challenge were pursued successfully to challenge the consultation process that has resulted in changes taking effect from 3rd March. To our knowledge no-one has publicly hinted of any intention to do this.






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