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Using solar panels to power your home

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About Solar Panels (photovoltaic panels)

It should be said, here and now, that there is a lot of incorrect information being given out about solar electricity and domestic or smaller business solar panel installations.
So here are the facts, pure and simple:

A: Yes! A professional, correctly planned and executed photovoltaic panel installation from recognised, qualified solar panel installers will keep you warm and cosy – and in pocket. So let’s explore it all further:

A: The simplest of advanced technologies – photovoltaic cells in panels which you install on your roof (or walls) turn the sun’s rays into electricity using semiconducting material such as silicon. The power of a PV cell is measured in kilowatt peak (kWp) produced in full sunshine.

This solar electricity helps power your home, via your existing fuse box, wiring etc and any power you generate but don’t use is automatically bought from you at an agreed purchase rate by the National Grid using the solar feed in tariff.

A: Well – apart from being very good for your pocket, it is also good for the environment. You could save over a tonne of carbon emission (CO2) every year by using solar PV.  But you probably want to know what’s in it for you:

  • Sunlight is free – so once your solar panel installation is completed your solar powered electricity charges are free too.
  • Make a profit too – we will guide you through the simple process of selling any surplus electricity your solar pv panels  generate back to the grid. We supply a generation meter for this purpose to take advantage of the feed in tariff.
  • And for a rainy day – if you cease to be connected to national grid altogether you may want to store electricity for those rainy days when solar electricity generation is lower. Again, we will provide a battery storage system to ensure your continuous power supply.

A: We always survey customers’ homes before we make any recommendations. This survey is, of course, free of charge.
We check:

  • That your home has an installation area with a minimum 90% facing to the south
  • That there are no trees or buildings overshadowing the selected installation area
  • Design, visual and practical integration, orientation and tilt to ensure best of looks with maximum performance
  • That planning permission isn’t required (normally it isn’t but in cases of doubt the local planning department should be consulted). Again, we will guide and support you if this process becomes applicable.
  • Recommend exactly the right solar pv system for your needs and budget.
  • Advise on solar pv generated power usage and applications –  for your lighting, your hot water, your cooking,  a workshop or greenhouse or for the supply of all your electricity consumption.

There are two main types of solar PV cell available – Crystalline cells and Hybrid cells. We will explain the implications of these choices in full, in terms of cost, efficiency and your specific installation and requirements.

A:  Once your solar panel installation is complete you will be handed all your warranties (five years) and guarantees. We then always take time to make sure you understand your system and its control and usage thoroughly. Even then, we are only a ‘phone call away if you ever need us.

Of course, we also provide a maintenance programme for your solar panel installation which covers everything from cleaning and efficiency checks to upgrades and full system performance and safety checks.

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