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Using solar panels to power your home

It must be 18 months since we first started talking to you and Dave. We’ve looked into it thoroughly and have made the final decision to go ahead.
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SMART - giving your peace of mind

iwa SMART is a fully certified solar panel installer and it has been awarded The Certification for Onsite Sustainable Energy Technologies.

napit SMART is fully accredited by The National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers for its competence in electrical, ventilation, plumbing, heating and energy services.

rea SMART is also a full member of REA – The Renewable Energy association which provides the regulatory framework for renewable power's contribution to the UK's electricity needs.

trustmark SMART is fully approved by The Government Endorsed Standard body – Trust Mark.

iwa SMART is fully insured under the Independent Warranty Association's Deposit and Guarantee Insurance within the Home Improvements Industry.

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