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Basingstoke 4.00 kWp

Mrs Eastments roof was very long and wide it had a nice 30 degree angle pitch, but there was some shading issues. The chimney shaded a few panels and brought the final power (watts) of the solar panels down. We suggested that we install the Tigo Energy Product as it deals with shading issues maximising performance. In addition to this, the monitoring system that come with the Tigo product.

The Installation

•Panel Model: Sanyo 250W HIT

•Inverter Model: SMA 4000TL

•System Size: 4.00KWp

•Annual Output: 4000kWH

•Annual Benefit: £1628

•Lifetime Benefit: £40,050

•FIT Rate: £0.433p

System Monitoring: Tigo Energy Product

System Optimizer Tigo Energy Product

These calculations are not including the Tigo Energy maximizes, they are also based on fuel bills of 12.5p per kwh. The £0.433p also increases with inflation.

Whilst we were working on the system we notice the chimney breast was damaged, we told Mrs Eastment and we advised her to get it sorted whilst the scaffolding was up there, we left it up for Mrs eastment to get it sorted at no extra cost which she appreciated. The system looks very neat and well installed and worked very efficiently with the Tigo Product. We also installed 2 loft lights and a new light in her kitchen as the last one had burnt out, Janet is now happy she can read her Solar Pv meter without using a torch to get a reading.


"Smart Electrical Services gave us a very professional service throughout the installation of our solar PV system. Having had contact with several companies during the initial quotation stages I felt most confident with the advice and information Ross gave me regarding solar PV and what was suitable for our situation. The installation was carried out efficiently and with minimum disruption to myself, which was essential since I work from home. The Tigo Energy Management option has already proven to be a good investment as it has increased our generation capacity, so I am very pleased Ross advised us to include it in our system. Having the Solar PV panels working independently to produce the energy has solved the problem our chimney was causing by casting a shadow on some of the panels during the day. Being able to monitor our system from a PC via the Tigo website allows us to see how each panel is performing and we can see that in strong sunshine the shaded panels are producing a fraction of the energy of those in full sun. Without Tigo the whole system would have only been producing the lower level at these times so this has increased both the efficiency of the system as well as speeding up the return of our financial outlay. I would definitely recommend Smart Electrical to anybody considering solar PV."

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