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Reading 1.44 kWp



Mr Hines contacted Smart Electrical Services to install solar PV on a slate roof to the rear of his Victorian terrace in Earley, Reading.    After initial consultation and a full site survey , Mr Hines decided on the highly efficient Sanyo HIT panels.  Mr Hines signed the contract and work began.  This job was not straightforward with access only available through Mr Hines house and a slate roof installation in the rear garden.  The roof installation due to its complexity and location took a few days.  After the roofing work was complete the SunnyBoy inverter was installed and a new dedicated AC circuit run through the floor to the loft area next to the inverter.  Due to the age of the consumer unit Mr Hines also wanted a new 17th edition consumer unit to be installed additional to the contract.  Once the new consumer unit was installed and tested it was time for testing & commissioning the solar PV array.  This was a straightforward process and the system began to generate immediately.  Mr Hines received all of his documentation soon after commissioning including MCS certificate, installation pictures as part of his handover pack.  Mr Hines has since completed a simple form from his energy supplier to claim the Feed In Tariff (FIT).

Job details

  • Panels: 6 x Sanyo 240W HIT HDE4.
  • Inverter: 1 x SMA SunnyBoy SB1200
  • Size of system: 1.44kWp
  • SAP calculation: 1149 kWh
  • Income from FIT: 1149 x £0.433 = £497 per year
  • Income from Export = £ 17 per year
  • Fuel bill savings: £74 per year
  • Annual benefit = £588

January 2012

Mr Hines was so pleased with his current install he wanted to add another 7 panels on his south west roof, Smart Electrcial services were more than happy to carry out another install, and repeat business.

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