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Taylor Wimpey LTD, Burgess Hill, Sussex


Taylor Wimpey LTD were advised by their Consultants to install Solar PV on the Housing Association (HA) allocation of houses to a development of approximately 70 new build houses and apartments in Burgess Hill.  This was to achieve Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Houses: PV Schedule
Unit Type PV Requirement (kWp)
F (east / west roof) 0.6
F (south roof) 0.5
H (east / west roof 0.7
H (south roof) 0.6
FoG 0.55

Smart Electrical Services UK LTD proposed to install 4 x ND175(E1F) 175W sharp panels for the 12  HA houses and FoG (flat over garage)units on the development.  This met the requirements for the development and the developer was happy to go ahead with the work.  The PV panels generate DC electricity and a Mastervolt Soladin 600 inverter was used to convert to usable AC power for usage in the house or for export.

The development also included a PV install to a block of 6 apartments on behalf of the HA.  Again a design proposal submitted by Smart Electrical services UK LTD, to install 15  Sharp NU245(J5) PV modules on the south facing roof proved the most effective proposal and was awarded the contract.  This gave a total of 3.675 kWp of PV.

After completing the development and taking the last few photographs  quickly viewed  the solar generation meter installed in the 6 HA apartments.  In under 3 months the PV system had generated 988 kWh; a fantastic return for the HA who own the tariff for the apartments.  The electricity generated will help  power communal lighting, cleaners equipment, TV distribution equipment and also rainwater pumps (another green technology included in the development).

The PV aspect of the development was completed recently (June ‘11) and ran like clockwork.  Despite tight schedules we at Smart Electrical Services UK LTD were able to meet the demand of the client.  The roofing work was completed in good time and did not cause delay to any other trades or the site in general such as scaffold being dismantled.

We returned, once the electricity board and on site electricians had put power on to the HA plots, to install our PV generation meter, AC and DC isolators, inverter, schematic diagrams and commission.  All documentation including operating manuals and MCS certificates were presented in our handover packs to the Taylor Wimpey site manager.

Job details (for whole development)

  • Combined size of PV installed:  12.00 kWp
  • SAP calculation: 9686 kWp

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