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Bracknell 1.88 kWp

Although not the ideal roof to install Solar PV panels due to some shading effects from some nearby trees, the client was still happy to proceed with an installation. To help with the shading the Day 4 pv modules were installed because of their reduced sensitivity to shading and debris from tree litter, which will help the client maximise his returns. This was a rental property and the landlord can collect the FIT payments for 25 years and will also have a property that is attractive to tenants because of the reduced electricity prices.

The Installation

  • System size: 1.88 kWp
  • SAP calc per annum: 1499 kWh
  • FIT payment per annum: £649
  • Export per annum: £23
  • Fuel bill savings: £94
  • Inverter: Power one PVI 2.0
  • PV panel: Day 4- 235W 60MC-I

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