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Llandow, South Wales 3.84kWp


Located in the country side of South Wales the customer's house was a grade 2 listed building, not ideal to put panels on the roof as the planning did not get confirmed, so we made use of the 10 acre's of land and installed the Solar Panles on the gorund. As we installed them on the ground we could make sure we had them dead on south getting the most of the sun. We also positioned them so there would be no shading issues at all.

The Installation 

System size: 3.84 kWp

SAP calc per annum: 3036 kWh

FIT payment per annum: £1314

Export per annum: £46

Fuel bill savings per annum: £190

Inverter: Power One PVI 3.6 Outdoor

PV panel: Sanyo HIT 240W SE10



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