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MJ Lonsdale Ltd, London

Installation of PV panels to unshaded inclined roof top in a central london location for M+E contractors MJ Lonsdale's offices. Although this system size is typical of a domestic <4 kWp system it can still benefit a commercial application. It will not provide all of the energy needs of MJ Lonsdale's offices, however, it will still contribute in terms of FIT payments and export rates and help reduce energy bills as they will no longer need to import as much electricity as previously. An added bonuse with a commercial install of this nature in an environent where working hours are during daylight hours is that there is going to be the demand for the electricity produced on site when it is being produced. This allows MJ Lonsdale to use all or most of what it generates. It makes financial sense to use the electricity generated on site instead of paying approximately 13p to import. If the electricity is exported it is worth 3p with the Export tariff.

The Installation

•System size: 3.42 kWp

•SAP Calc per annum: 2850 kWh

•FIT payments per annum: £1234

•Export per annum: £43

•Fuel Bill savings per annum: £178

•Inverter: SB 3000HF

•PV panels: ZNShine 190W MONO

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