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North Ascot 2.82 kWp

The installation of the 12 Schott panels involved installations on an East and West roof.  This isn’t the ideal scenario as it deviates away from the most effective south facing orientation.  However, the system will still generate Mr Goodger sufficient solar electricity to make the installation financially viable.

The roofing tile for this house is a Cambrian Slate and a different method of using hanger bolts was applied to support the solar rails and panels. 

System details

  • Size of system: 2.82 kWp
  • Panel Model 12: x Schott Perform Poly 235W, 14% efficient.
  • Inverter Auora: Power One PVI 3.0
  • SAP calculation for yield: 1998 kWh pa.
  • Payback period: 10 years (based on SAP)
  • Annual benefit: £1,021 (based on SAP)
  • Lifetime benefit: £25,525 (based on SAP)

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