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...exceeded all my expectations. I have just received my first cheque for the power generated.
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Earley 2.16 kWp

Mr & Mrs Harries house was not the most ideal tile as it is a double lap tile, also a tight roof space we had to design it so we could maximize the space. We did this by carefully selecting were the panels would go and how we would have them arranged. Landscape was the best option which meant cross connecting the rail. This type of tile is very time consuming as you have to grind it out perfectly then flash each on individually to make sure it is water tight.

The Installation

  • Panel Model: SCHOTT Poly 235W
  • Inverter Model: SB 2000HF
  • System Size: 3.99
  • Annual Output: 1686kWH
  • Annual Benefit: £860
  • Lifetime Benefit: £21,500
  • FIT Rate: £0.433p

These calculations are based on fuel bills of 12.5p per kwh. The £0.433p also increases with inflation.

Overall the installation went very well the customer was pleases we could get the maximum number of panels that we did on the roof by the way that we have cleverly thought out the design and arranged the panels. Due to poor previous electrical work we had to get the electricity board out and run some further tests to make sure the customer was 100% safe, although this was time consuming there was no extra charge for the customer. Mr & Mrs Harris were very great full for our time to sort out poor previous work done.


Our solar panels were installed in November. We chose Smart electricals after careful research and were very pleased we had done so. A fast, friendly and efficient service although our old roof was not the easiest to work on .Great value for money too .

Lynn and John

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