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Thatcham 3.99 kWp

Located at the top of the hill Mr Galpins House was not the most ideal roof to install PV panels, with only a small south facing area we had to maximise and make use of all the space we had. We did this in two ways. Firstly using a high efficiency Sanyo Panel, secondly we installed the Tigo Energy Management System. This optimized the performance of the panels ensuring that we would not be affected by the shading issues. The Tigo Energy Maximizes accelerates system payback, maximize the power output of individual modules and reconsider previously rejected projects because of unfavourable shade or orientation.


The Installation


  • Panel Model: Sanyo HIT 235
  • Inverter Model: SMA 4000TL
  • System Size: 3.99
  • Annual Output: 3186kWH
  • Annual Benefit: £1628
  • Lifetime Benefit: £40,701
  • FIT Rate: £0.433p
  • System Monitoring: Tigo Energy Product
  • System Optimizer Tigo Energy Product

These calculations are not including the Tigo Energy maximizes, they are also based on fuel bills of 12.5p per kwh. The £0.433p also increases with inflation.

The Installation was very successful, without installing the Tigo Energy the install would of not been efficient as there are a few shading issues and the roof is not perfect. We resolved this problem with the Tigo product and high efficient Sanyo panels and converted it into a very effective PV system at 3.99kwp. The customer was also very happy as he could manage his system hour by hour day by day. We also can manage the system through the internet, which is a great tool for maintenance, or diagnosing any future issues direct from our offices, without the need for a site visit.

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