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Tilehurst 1.69 kWp Solar Roof Tile

Mr Turner was interested in a BIPV (Built In Photo Voltaic) as he was concerned about the visual impact of conventional panels. He contacted SES (SMART ELECTRICAL SERVICES) because of our experience of installing the solar centaury c21e tile on large housing developments. Which is a (BIPV) solution that developer's use to meet there PV specifications. And have minimal visual impact. SES worked with Mr Turner and his roofing contracting and successfully installed a 36 tile system on a south west elevation of the new extension to the property.

The Installation

  • Panel Model: C21e Tile
  • Inverter Model: Mastervolt Sunmaster XS2000
  • System Size: 1.69KWp
  • Annual Output: 1348KWH
  • Annual Benefit: £689
  • Lifetime Benefit: £17,221
  • FIT Rate: £0.433p

Mr Turner commented that his neighbours were very interested in his installation and could not believe that a solar PV installation could be as aesthetically pleasing as the (BIPV) integrated solar tile, from solar centaury.

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