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...exceeded all my expectations. I have just received my first cheque for the power generated.
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Woodley 2.4kWp

Mr Casey is a keen energy saver, after doing some research he concluded with the clean energy cash back incentive. He thought what a great opportunity. Not only for an investment over 25 years but as a contribution to green energy.

Continuing his research, Mr Casy decided that he wanted to maximise his electricity generation for his roof whilst reducing his carbon footprint by selecting high efficiency REC Panel.


The Installation

  • Panel Model: REC 240PE
  • Inverter Model: SB2500HF
  • System Size: 2.4KW
  • Annual Output: 2000kWH
  • Annual Benefit: £1021
  • Lifetime Benefit: £35,525
  • FIT Rate: £0.433p


The Installation ran smoothly and Mr Casey was extremely impressed with the smart installation. Also with the professional workmanship whilst carrying out the project, not only is Mr Casey satisfied with his system he is now saving money on his bills and helping reduce his carbon footprint.


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