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Using solar panels to power your home

We cannot thank you enough for all your help, guidance and most of all, your professionalism
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Your next step to solar power

Just contact us for a preliminary chat about your proposed Solar PV installation and will give you honest advice to help you make your decision. You will be under no obligation and there are no charges, except for maybe a cup of coffee.

  • We don’t employ sales people – when you talk to us you’ll be talking to the people who’ll do your job, our qualified, skilled electrical engineers and technicians who know what they are doing and how to explain it all clearly, easily and straightforwardly.
  • You have all the time you want to check us out, check our previous installations, check our credentials and ensure you are totally happy with our proposals, timing, budget and proficiency.
  • While making a SMART decision you can call us whenever you want (within reason!) to chat through any questions, queries, doubts or concerns you may. We will offer all the help and guidance we can – but it is your decision, all we will do is assist you in making it a fully informed decision.
  • Or we’ll always pop round for a good old chat (splash of milk, no sugar please!) to answer any points you may have about a solar panel installation.
  • The first step will be a FREE SMART survey. This will give you a clear outline proposal designed specifically for your home, your needs and your budget. If you like what you see we will then detail the design, plan the installation and calculate predicted yields from your proposed system. At no point will we make decisions, create designs, specify systems or commit you to any costs without your complete, prior agreement.
  • That’s why we are a SMART choice and that’s why our customers say such good things about us.

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